Grind with intent, chase your dreams

About Us

Wealth Season is a lifestyle brand that teaches you to define wealth on your terms and chase your dreams daily. You are the master of your fate; you define your destiny.

We were inspired to create this brand after successfully redefining wealth on our terms. After our own transformation, our peers would often ask for advice on how to achieve the goals they had for themselves. After guiding many individuals towards their Wealth Season, the vision was born and has superseded our expectations.

Wealth Season started as a t-shirt and has blossomed into a vessel to start a conversation to redefine wealth. True wealth is found in being balanced and grounded; financially, spiritually, and physically. We understand that most people identify wealth as just having money. Wealth Season’s mission is to debunk this notion and help individuals define wealth on their terms.

Grind with intent.

Chase your dreams.

Ask yourself, What Does Wealth Mean to Me?


JeVaughn & Kiara Turner